Friday, September 23, 2011

Anniversary Trip to Charleston, SC

I got a little ahead of myself already. No surprise there!

In May, Scott and I went on a weekend trip down to Charleston, SC to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary! We really enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed the food even more. Hands down, no questions asked, I had the BEST MEAL OF MY LIFE at Hank's Seafood Restaurant. BEST. EVER. Seriously. A day doesn't pass where I don't try to justify the 4+ hour car trip south to have their Shrimp Curry again. We also had some fabulous oysters and cocktails. Scott had their Shrimp and Grits. Even though it was our anniversary and we are supposed to be somewhat romantic, I think we spent the whole meal with our mouths full, pointing at our plates and nodding in foodgasmic pleasure. Pardon me while I drive to Charleston right now! Just thinking about it... mmm mmm good!

Although we ate at several other restaurants while we were there, it is not even fair to Hank's to list them in the same blog post. They were all fabulous as well but really, they just can't even come close to comparing to the food miracles that occur at Hank's restaurant.

at HANK's


Shrimp Curry. Best thing I ever ate!

Scott's shrimp & grits

Rooftop Bar @ Venue

Seeing an Improv show at Theater 99


Skipping ahead a few months... in June, I had the privilege and pleasure to host a baby shower for a dear friend of mine, Christine. Christine is a beautiful person inside and out. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and has the most radiant spirit. Her little girl is now already 6 weeks old!

Me & the beautiful mama-to-be!

My Menu:
Fruit Salad in a BABY Carriage :)
Martha's Caramelized Onion Dip
Ina's Pasta, Pesto & Peas
Goat Cheese & Watercress Tea Sandwiches
Smoked Turkey & Arugula Tea Sandwiches
Southern Cheese Straws
Candied Pecans
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
Make-Your-Own Mimosa Bar


Food Table

Watermelon Baby Carriage, compliments of my sweet husband!



Baby Lillian is now healthy and beautiful!

The guests

Helen, GA

At the Camp LeJeune Officer Wives Club Oktoberfest fundraising event last year, Scott and I bid on (and won!) a weekend getaway to a German-inspired town in Georgia. Helen was adorable and had lots of little funky shops, restaurants, and wineries! We had a nice weekend just relaxing and having some good food & drink! Our favorite!

Snow at the BEACH!

In January, our area of coastal carolina got hit with snow! Base was closed! The MARINES had a snow day!  They are not quite as prepared for snow around here as up North and therefore, the roads were horrible! My husband, however, not being afraid of a "little" snow, decided we should make the 3 mile trip to the beach. Even though I thought we were sure to die about 87 times in those 3 miles, we made it there (and home!) safe! It was totally worth it. I had never seen snow on the beach before and I'll have to say it was pretty darn cool. That is a day we will never forget! 

Christmas in North Carolina

We had an amazing holiday season in NC. I really enjoyed decorating our home and getting our first tree together. Scott and I celebrated our own Christmas a few days early and then headed north to spend the actual day with our familes.

 We even got to have a Christmas party @ the Tank Ramp on base!

GeGe got her very own stocking full of goodies!

and a new place to sleep!

Christmas day with Scott and my two brothers, Andrew & Carter!

blogging is way cheaper than scrapbooking

Well, obviously a lot has gone on in the last... oh... 9+ months since I've blogged!

We are are moving out of our house here in North Carolina in less than a week! My husband is retiring from the Marine Corps after 4 years of active duty. It is certainly bittersweet. I have absolutely loved and cherished being a Marine Wife. Not only do I find it so admirable what my husband has sacrificed to serve our country, but I also love the sense of community and many friendships that the military has provided us. It will be a huge adjustment to transition into the civilian world. I have never known Scott to be anything other than a Marine.

He has accepted a job with and will be working out of our hometown in Ohio. This means we will be moving back and living close to both sets of parents! We are both thrilled to be able to spend more time with our families. We are both very excited to begin this new stage in our lives. It is also very scary! Like I said, there is NOTHING that compares to the community of military families, and I know it will be a challenge to find friends like the ones we have made here.

Since I have missed out on quite a few blogging opportunities over the last few months, I am thinking I am going to write up some quick highlight posts to celebrate our memories here in NC. I have realized, that recording our the special moments in life is very important to me, and at least for now, blogging is way cheaper than scrapbooking.