Sunday, September 16, 2012

Announcing a new family member :)

I am happy to announce our family is growing!
With another pup! ;)
Meet "Tank" - (black lab and ??? mix) We rescued him last month from a local shelter. He has brought a lot of energy into our quiet home. We think GeGe is still wondering when he is leaving! They get along (for the most part), but they are play-fighting non-stop!

 GeGe and Tank with their cousin, Candy (yellow lab)
 Our growing family :)

 Tank playing ball with his Uncle Andrew
Enjoying being able to pick him up while I still can!
In other news, Scott and I are settled here in Northern KY. I am now working for an investment firm and am absolutely LOVING my job! I have been there about 6 months and already got a promotion! Scott is also really liking his new job as well! We both feel so blessed that we each actually enjoy our work!
That's all for today! Thanks for stopping in! :)

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  1. So glad to see you back here! I miss your updates! Glad to hear you and Scott are enjoying your jobs and the new family members. :) Please post more soon!